MPLS City fans celebrate a Crows goal at Edor Nelson Field in Minneapolis

City joins USL League Two

Minneapolis City, coming off of its third-straight NPSL North Conference title in a row, announced today that it is making the step up to the United Soccer League (USL) League Two. This makes City the first club from Minnesota to compete in League Two.

“The addition of our first club out of Minnesota speaks volumes about the growth of pre-professional soccer in the upper Midwest region,” said Joel Nash, Vice President of USL League Two. “We are excited to be adding a club of this caliber to the ranks of League Two and look forward to all of the great work they will do in bringing awareness to the pre-professional space through the club’s supporter-driven approach.”

The Crows will compete in the Heartland Division where they will face clubs like reigning league champions Des Moines Menace.

“USL League Two is everything we want: top clubs, a proven pathway to the pros, and professional leadership,” said Dan Hoedeman, co-founder of Minneapolis City SC. “It’s the perfect next step for our club as we continue to grow. Our fans and players want the club to compete at the highest level we can and we’re excited to make the step up to USL League Two and really challenge ourselves.”

Since the club’s beginning, Minneapolis City has been a 501c3, volunteer-run, supporter-driven club focused on building community and elevating players from the community. It’s a different approach. It’s an approach that has paid dividends, for the players who have leveled-up their game, the supporters who built a quirky, personal club, and everyone in the community that has been built around City.

“We’re tireless,” said Technical Director Adam Pribyl. “Since our foundation, we have continued to seek the best environment for our players. USL gives us the platform to continue that growth, all in service of our mission and values. USL League Two is the best place for top young players to elevate their game and showcase Minnesota talent.”

“This is a great step forward for us, and if we keep doing what we do it won’t be our last step forward” commented Hoedeman. “We’ve been successful by being community-focused, mission-driven, and listening to our Members. We feel good about this move because USL provides a level up for the club and we can still remain the same ramshackle, 501c3, independent club that we’ve always been. Honestly, we are able to be more us in USL than even before.”

“We will never stop looking for ways to grow the club, to play against like-minded clubs, and to serve the community” continued Pribyl. “This is just another step forward.”

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