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Mpls City SC

Mighty Crow Raspberry Heatwave Hot Sauce

Mighty Crow Raspberry Heatwave Hot Sauce

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Produced by The Spicy Gnome, a Mankato-based small business that works with local family-owned farms and food co-ops to source quality products and craft delicious, inspired hot sauces, rubs, seasoning, and jerky.

"Raspberry Heatwave" is a tantalizing blend of fresh raspberries, fiery habanero peppers, zesty Fresno red peppers, piri piri, sweet honey, aromatic garlic, tangy lime juice, and just a hint of ghost pepper. Brace yourself for a flavor explosion that starts with fruity sweetness and ends with a sizzling heatwave. Perfect for adding a punch to your favorite dishes or turning up the heat on any meal.

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